Petra Frese
Intuitive Scientist
Petra is a master of engineering, mental coach, hypnosis instructor and award-winning bestselling author of two books and hypnotherapist with practices in the USA and Switzerland. A former firefighter, intuitive scientist, international speaker, she merges science and spirituality and connects with soul based on multiple NDEs revelations. Forceful but gentle with love she helps her clients to gain back control in their lives.
Anders Hansen
Illusionist - Speaker - Change Maker
Ved at kombinere 20 års erfaring med Magi og Illusioner og årtiers studier i Personlig Udvikling hjælper Anders Hansen dig med at se igennem dine egne illusioner så du kan opleve den magi der er i at opnå de umulige mål du virkelig ønsker at skabe. Anbefalet og vejledt af hans ven, Bob Proctor som er den førende ekspert i verden indenfor personlig udvikling, så bringer han årtiers erfaring indenfor underholdning sammen med det bedste indenfor personlig udvikling. Bosat i USA i over 14 år, med base i Las Vegas og Miami har Anders idag deltagere over hele verden, inkl. Danmark.
Susanne Hjøllund Kjeldsen
Hypnoterapeut, Hypnoseinstruktør
Susanne er oprindeligt uddannet socialrådgiver og practitioner indenfor personlig udvikling og kommunikation, men ønskede af hjælpe mere i dybden for den enkelte end hvad forvaltningens rammer gjorde muligt. Hun uddannede sig derfor til Master hypnoterapeut og har specialiseret sig indenfor flere områder herunder bl.a. traumeforløsning og børnehypnose, hvilke hun nu selv videreuddanner andre indenfor. Susanne brænder virkelig for at hjælpe andre hvilket tydeligt skinner igennem, både i hendes sessioner og undervisning.
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Lori Hammond
Professional Hypnotist & Speaker
Lori Hammond is a professional hypnotist and dynamic speaker who works with clients all over the world using Zoom. She specializes in weight management, depression, and anxiety relief. Lori loves unveiling the gifts that already reside dormant inside you so you can embrace joy and live a powerful, purpose-filled life.
Jason Linett
Hypnotist, Speaker, Author, and Educational Pioneer
Jason has put in almost twenty years of professional study and on-the-job experience tracking how top performers in many industries achieve astounding results. He combines hypnotic success coaching, neurolinguistic programming, and a contagious sense of humor to make personal change & business success a memorable experience.
Steve Roehm
Hypnotherapist - Coach - Speaker - Trainer
For almost two decades, Steve Roehm has been changing the lives of hypnosis practitioners and others around the world. Steve wears many hats, but all of his services are aimed at improving people’s lives. He does this through direct connections with clients and by helping other practitioners improve their techniques and abilities, increasing the reach of his work into communities he might never be able to serve directly.
Dr. Richard Nongard
Keynote Speaker Leadership Author
With a background in counseling, Richard is a trained expert in problem-solving. Richard has takes his skills in subconscious motivation, conflict resolution, rapport building, interpersonal communication, active listening and creating treatment plans to the corporate world where problem-solving can be translated to revenue growth, customer engagement and healthy staff relationships.
Patricia Eslava Vessey
Transformational Coach, Mindset Trainer, Hypnotherapist, NLP Master, Fitness Trainer and Author
Described as a personal development guru, she combines over 30 years in social work, leadership and fitness training with skills in life coaching, training, hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to create powerful and effective processes to free people who are immobilized by limiting beliefs and destructive habits and behaviors that keep them trapped and unhappy. She supports people in transforming these limitations into the authentic, fulfilling, resourceful and empowered lives they desire.
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