ONLINE - SUNDAY MAY 3rd 2020 - 11AM - 5PM CEST
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MSc, certified professional hypnotherapist, all-round master hypnotherapist, master soulkey therapist, EMDR pratitioner, IEMT practitioner
I've been working in the corporate world for 20 years in several roles. Common thread was optimizing processes and coaching colleagues. In 2015 I started my first hypnotherapy training and found my passion, this was my way to add value to the world. everything I enjoyed, came together: helping people by means of coaching, my work needs a challenge (and every human is unique) and II was still optimizing processes (those of the internal human being). I wanted this to by my profession some day (like 10 years later), not knowing that I would be fully self-employed in 2017.
Teacher & Speaker
Rob De Groof is one of Europe’s leading hypnotists and the owner of the very successful in Belgium where he is working together with 6 hypnotherapists in 3 different cities. As the owner and head trainer of the European Hypnosis Academy he has already trained a few hundred students in the wonderful art of direct hypnosis while teaching in his school in Belgium or while travelling the world. As the official trainer of his mentor, the late Jeffrey Stephens, one of his goals is to keep Jeffrey’s techniques and approach alive. Rob is also a trainer for Sheila Granger’s Virtual Gastric Band, Bob Burns’ The Swan and the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute. He is the author of the book “Mentalism for Hypnotherapists”
Motivational Speaker 6 Storyteller
Kadri Kostjutsenko, in love with humanity and an absolute nerd when it comes to human connection and relationships. Growing up on a small island in an ex-soviet country, Kadri grew up starving for food but more than that, starving for connection, which has lead her to her life’s work: studying about the vital importance of human relations. Storyteller, writer and a proud mom.
Hypnotherapists - Coaches - Trainer's
Yvonne & Henk Riem are the founders of The New Age Academy and are well-trained hypnotherapists and trainers. The last few years they have specialized in personal change work and a positive mindset. In addition to giving training, they still successfully treat clients every week. It is their passion to give clients the tools that is necessary for positive change.
Mind Hacker & Life Strategist
Karin Tydén – mind hacker, hypnotherapist, author and speaker. She has an almost supernatural ability to understand and "hack" the mechanics behind people's subconscious patterns and create new and better strategies in life. Karin is active in over 25 countries and is the winner of European Enterprise Award 2019. She has helped thousands of people to maximize their potential and is often seen as the coaches' coach.
Internationally renowned Hypnotherapist and Trainer.
Along with his son Anthony he has trained thousands of people on 6 continents including South and North America, Canada, Europe and Australia, become confident, competent Hypnotherapist’s. His book ‘Hypnotherapy’ Methods, techniques and philosophies of Freddy H Jacquin which he released in the Autumn of 2018 has sold thousands of copies world-wide and is being used by many to change people’s lives for the better.
Intuitive Scientist
Petra is a master of engineering, mental coach, hypnosis instructor and award-winning bestselling author of two books and hypnotherapist with practices in the USA and Switzerland. A former firefighter, intuitive scientist, international speaker, she merges science and spirituality and connects with soul based on multiple NDEs revelations. Forceful but gentle with love she helps her clients to gain back control in their lives.
CEO The Hypno Academy, International Speaker, Performer & Teacher, TedX Speaker
Martin Castor is a well known, and award winning trainer. Specialty is trauma release and performance optimization. Besides that he performs internationally as a mentalist and stage hypnotist.
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TOPIC: Hypnosis Techniques
TOPIC: No clue what your passion is? How to move forward anyway.
TOPIC: You're capable of much more than you think you are.
TOPIC: Reset your Thoughts and reset your fears
TOPIC: 7 Steps To A Positive Life
TOPIC: Visualization for everyone
TOPIC: Ctrl Alt Del – Reboot Your Life
TOPIC: Starving for connection?
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